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Why Choose Fargo Steel For Your Laser Cutting Project

Fargo Steel is proud to offer laser cutting services for your fabrication product. We can fabricate any order, whether it includes prototypes, components, or final assemblies. We adhere to the belief that high-quality results can only be achieved through the use of high-quality equipment.

Why Choose Fargo Steel?

Fargo Steel operates a 24-hour service with a team capable of assisting from Monday to Saturday for any of your steel fabrication needs.

Fargo Steel prides itself on a 1-2 day laser cutting lead time if the correct grade and thickness of steel is available on the floor, with an additional day required if specific steel needs to be ordered to the factory for your needs.

The rapid turnaround rate makes us the ideal partner for breakdowns that require urgent attention whether it be on the mines, industry or general companies requiring steel items.

Amada 6Kw Fiber Optic Laser

Our technicians operate the AMADA ENSIS range, offering the fastest cutting speeds on the market! Laser cutting provides the ability to cut through various materials and thicknesses at high speeds, producing exact and accurate cuts.

  • Carbon Steel/Mild Steel: From 0.5mm up to 20mm – 0.2mm accuracy

  • Stainless Steel: From 0.5mm up to 20mm – 0.2mm accuracy

  • 3CR12: From 0.5mm up to 20mm – 0.2mm accuracy

  • Aluminium: From 0.5mm up to 20mm – 0.2mm accuracy

Fargo Steel Services

Laser Cutting is traditionally the initial process prior to the subsequent steps required to complete a fabrication project.

Fargo Steel provides additional services capable of providing ease of hand when completing orders & projects.

Small to large scale steel fabrication under one roof offering:

  • CNC Bending

  • Welding

  • Polishing

  • Powder Coating/Electro Plating

  • Assembly & Delivery

How The Process Works

The process begins simply by providing a schematic/drawing or alternatively a dxf/dwf or step file.

  1. The process begins simply by providing a schematic/drawing or alternatively a dxf/dwf or step file.

  2. Once received by either email or via the ‘get a free quote’ tab, we will commence the quoting process in due course.

  3. An email will be returned to you in due course with details of the process, the amount as well as the lead time.

  4. Once we have been given the go-ahead, a minimum of 50% deposit is required to commence.

  5. We will not hesitate to contact our relevant clients to provide updates, offer more effective engineering options as well as maintaining an open-door policy in our factory.

Our Stainless Steel Range

  • 3CR12

  • 430 BA/ 430 Stainless Steel

  • 304/304L Stainless Steel

  • 316/316L Stainless Steel

  • SAF 2205 (Duplex Stainless Steel)

Our Carbon Steel/Mild Steel Range

  • Cold-rolled Steel

  • S235 / Mild Steel

  • S275

  • S355JR

Our Additional Steel Range

  • Aluminium

  • Spring Steel

  • Brass

  • Floorplates or Vastrap / Checker plate

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