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What are the Key Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines?

All laser cutting processes have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages, but it appears that the benefits of fiber laser cutting machines far outweigh that of any of the other processes. It’s one of the newest forms of laser cutting, as it’s only picked up traction in the last couple decades or so. However, the benefits that fiber laser cutting machines provide, which we will discuss below, have been

quickly realized by metal fabricators all over the country. Fiber laser cutting machines can easily and seamlessly adapt between industries for a huge range of applications. Continue reading to learn more about the other benefits of these powerful machines.

What are the Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber lasers offer several primary advantages. The light propagating in the fibers is well shielded from the environment, and fiber lasers tend to be very compactly designed. They offer a large gain bandwidth, wide wavelength tuning ranges, and have the capacity to generate ultra-short pulses. Operating at high power with great efficiency, they are suitable for many types of cutting procedures. Fiber lasers can cut through thin materials at very high speeds. They also have the ability to cut reflective materials without risk of reflections causing damage to the machine, which allows metals such as aluminum to be cut without issue.

No Heat Damage to Objects

The laser that is emitted from a fiber laser cutting machine is incredibly powerful, which is why it can so easily cut through thick materials like stainless steel. Yet, one of the great benefits of fiber lasers is that they can be so precise that the beam won’t cause any damage to the surrounding material of the object that they are working in. Many industries can benefits from this. Consider the electronics industry, where the beam needs to work at incredibly small sizes without damaging any of their components essential in having those electronic devices working correctly.

Superior Performance and Speed

You’ll also find that fiber lasers offer a superior performance over many of their counterparts. Fiber lasers provide a much higher level of beam quality which can be highly focused to achieve extremely accurate levels of precision, as well as increased power densities. This also means that tasks can be completed within a 1-2 day lead time and at a much lower power consumption rate.

Why Is It Beneficial to Use Parts Cut With a Fiber Laser?

The main reason to employ fiber laser cutting techniques is to reduce the mechanical stress that a sheet metal form experiences while being cut. Lasers help to eliminate the impact stress that can adversely affect sheet metal products during cutting, and beyond that, the heated zone is incredibly small. This means that the rest of the work piece is exposed to little or no heat, preserving the properties of the material being handled, which is incredibly important.

Also, it’s important to consider that since laser cuts can be made incredibly close to one another without negatively impacting the sheet metal, they help to minimize waste— closer cuts allow you to make more parts per square foot of sheet metal you use.

For more information on the benefits of using laser cutting for your parts, contact Fargo Steel today for a free quote.

How to Maximize the Advantages of Laser Technology

One of the goals when designing for manufacturing is to achieve a simple solution rather than a complex one. After all, complex designs are more difficult to manage, increase the chances of errors and generate waste in the form of materials, energy, labor and time. Laser cutting technology is a suitable tool for creating all shapes and sizes of components and is one of the most efficient and cost effective fabrication methods.

Complex cuts with superior edge quality can be accomplished with accurately on laser cutting equipment. Precision laser beams are capable of creating close tolerance components in a quick, clean and efficient manner with minimal operator intervention. Sophisticated software and minimal kerf allow tight nesting of parts to maximize yield and minimize material waste.

Introducing our ENSIS 3015 AJ Laser Cutting Machine

The AMADA ENSIS range uses variable beam control technology enabling modulation of the laser beam. This allows our team to reduce machine setup, ensuring efficient project turnaround times. This technology is energy-saving, requiring less consumption and reduced power consumption ensuring cost-effective applications.

Fargo Steel | Bedfordview Laser Cutting Services

It's crucial to do your research when choosing a metal fabrication, as not all companies are capable of completing the same quality of work. Fargo Steel has years of experience, honing our skills across the board to deliver a quality product and measurable bottom-line value to our customers.

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